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Lampeter, Ceredigion and the surrounding counties (Pembrokeshire, Brecon, Carmarthenshire) have numerous special places to explore and inspire

The Falcondale can be found 1mile outside of Lampeter town centre – How to find us. The town was established as a market borough in medieval times and has been the focus of the farming community in the area to this day. In 2001 the population was 2,921, which makes Lampeter a small town. However this can swell by 1,500 students during term time.

Lampeter has its own University – St. David’s college was established in 1822 and after Oxford and Cambridge is the oldest degree awarding institution in England and Wales.

It is still possible to enjoy the ambience of a largely unspoilt Welsh market town in Lampeter and take advantage of the many unique shops that you would not find elsewhere.

The county of Ceredigion is part of the older county of Dyfed, which also included Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Lampeter is located on the edge of Ceredigion that borders with Carmarthenshire. The county of Ceredigion reaches as far north as Aberystwyth and has the beautiful coastal area of Cardigan Bay to the West and the mountainous regions of Powys to the East.

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Mynyddoedd Cambrian Mountains

We would highly recommend you visit Mynyddoedd Cambrian Mountains on-line map for the best things to do, Ceredigion and places to visit. Physical copies available at the hotel.

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Elan Valley Dark Sky Park

In 2015, the Elan Valley Estate achieved International Dark Sky Park status and became the first privately owned but publicly accessible park in the world to do so.

Tir Glas Project

As a core institution, the University recognises that it has a central role to play in the regeneration of Lampeter town in the post Covid period. The University sees itself as a catalyst for change.

things to do in mid wales, best things to do ceredigion, night away in wales