You may be surprised to find that there are numerous artists that have fled to this part of Mid Wales.

A good place to start would be Aberystwyth Arts Centre where there are exhibitions, collections, community arts, performing arts and visual arts all under the same roof. These will undoubtedly change over the year and so we would suggest that you take a look at their website for the latest.

We would recommend Gwili Pottery, escpecially if you would like something unique to take home with you or to purchase a special gift for someone. They produce a wide range of hand-thrown, hand-painted earthenware ceramics in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Scultpure Heaven, as the name suggests, is a sculpture garden with a gallery and workshop.

There are also numerous artists who open up their galleries on an ad-hoc basis. We would recommend that you visit the Ceredigion Arts Trail website for further information on some of these.