Are you as excited as we are about the royal wedding? Undoubtably, there’ll be a few wedding ideas and trends following in Harry and Meghan’s big day. We have a few thoughts and helpful links to local Lampeter suppliers that could help you create your own royal wedding.

The Traditional Ceremony

Lampeter has 13 places of worship within the town, which probably stems from the University starting out as a religious centre for study. From the lawn at The Falcondale you can see St. Peter’s Church spire amidst the trees in the distance, which is in Lampeter and forms part of the town’s name in both Welsh and English languages.

Cwmann male voice choice at St. Peter's church

Make your ceremony even more special by asking Cwmann male voice choir to attend; your hymns will have never sounded so good!

Pageboys and flower girls

Had you noticed that Meghan had no maid of honour and no adult bridesmaids; she had lots of pageboys and flower girls. The level of cuteness will sky rocket and just imagine the photo’s you’ll have to cherish!

Little Bridesmaids, pretty in pink

Horse-drawn carriage

What better way to travel than in your very own horse-drawn carriage. Back in 2016 Sara and Giles did just that at The Falcondale and arrived in this beautiful carriage: –

Horse and carriage arriving at The Falcondale

Ask your driver to take you through the town of Lampeter before heading up the mile-long drive to the hotel. Try contacting Bridfa Gwarchod Stud and Gentle Giants  to find your perfect princess carriage.

Please remember that long distances are not possible, and you need to factor in some extra travelling time. A popular option is to greet your carriage in an agreed rendezvous that’s not too far from your destination.

Wildflower Meadows

Meghan has chosen flowers that are in-season, from the UK, and are also sustainable. We suggest that you talk to your florist about these points as this could also save you a pretty penny or two. Choose a key bloom, such as Meghan’s favourite – Peonies, and team them with white garden roses, foxgloves and of course foliage. Your chosen few blooms will sparkle when placed alongside green foliage, ivy, ferns etc.

The most important aspect is to talk to your florist. They have knowledge and can offer valuable advice to help and guide your thoughts. Try contacting Cadi & Grace or Cascades both of whom are located within Lampeter, we also recommend Rhosyn Dela  in Aberaeron.

Peonies used in a flower bouquet

Royally iced wedding cake

This royal wedding is going against tradition and is not having a fruit cake, but rather a lemon and elderflower sponge (a far more popular option in our view). American stacked cakes have been around for years, with the pillared cakes now looking old-fashioned and retro. Buttercream is a great covering to the royal wedding cake, as it will compliment the lemon and elderflower sponge. Our tip is to be wary of travelling long distances with buttercream and to save yourself any anguish by arranging the cake maker to deliver and set your cake for you.

Lyn’s cake creations can offer you a service and product that is fit for any royal banquet. We are confident in saying this as we’ve tried the taster cakes during Lyn’s many visits to wedding fayre’s at The Falcondale – delish!

American stacked wedding cake

The Royal Banquet

It is believed that trendy “bowl food” will be served to 600 guests in an informal wedding reception after the nuptials. There are discussions as to whether this idea will take-off and be something to watch out for the future. Here’s our pros and cons: –

PROS – there are no formal seats and guests are free to mingle and talk to whoever they wish. The bride and groom can meet and greet everyone as they are not seated in one place. No need to work out a seating plan. No-one is “stuck” sitting next to / or on the same table as someone they don’t like.

CONS – your bowl food will require either a spoon or a fork to eat with, which leaves you in a dilemma as to where to put your drink and how to shake hands when meeting with the in-law’s family. Great aunt Gladys and your anti Maureen will undoubtably want to sit-down with a knife and fork.

Our belief is that it’ll prove to be awkward and unsuitable for many venues, although a halfway house could be reached. How about serving many canapes instead of a starter and follow this with a fully dressed buffet and free seating for your guests. Thus, keeping the informality, but also allowing for practicality and comfort.


Your Royal Wedding at The Falcondale

With it’s countryside setting and gentrified mansion house The Falcondale could be your very own royal residence for the day. With 17 bedrooms and private gardens everything you need will be at hand.

Our aim here at The Falcondale is to make you feel like a prince and princess, and this starts with the planning and preparations. We invite you to visit our weddings page for details and your very own copy of our wedding brochure. Alternatively, phone us on 01570 422910 and arrange a showaround to see for yourself what The Falcondale has to offer.