A new bedroom suite at The Falcondale

Look at the fabulously re-decorated and re-configured suite that is now available on the top floor – overlooking the Teifi valley towards Lampeter. A Welsh countryside view to live for.

View from room 17


Performing a make-over

Our regular guests will know that we are continuously improving and updating the facilities here at The Falcondale. The quieter winter months gives us the perfect opportunity to take a room out of service and perform a make-over. Last winter (November/ December 2017, and January/February/March 2018) it was the turn of room 16 and 17.



Room 16 and 17 are both located on the top floor of the hotel. If you were to drive towards the hotel from the South Drive, room 17’s window would be on the top left ‘tower’. Room 16 would be the window around the corner.

Room 16 was one of the smallest rooms in the hotel and had a walk-in shower (no bath), whereas room 17 had the beautiful window seat and overlooked the valley.

Valley View Doubles

Standard Double Rooms - Room 16



A decision was made by Lisa (proprietor) to combine the two rooms and create a luxurious suite! The whole team at The Falcondale were very happy with this decision and we couldn’t wait to see the finished results.

Building works

The layout of the bathroom / lounge and bedroom was decided having consulted with many friends and family. The bedroom will remain overlooking the valley at the front of the hotel, whereas the main door entrance will bring you directly into the lounge with the bathroom in the middle separating both areas.

Being that The Falcondale is over 150 years old you are never quite sure what you’ll find once you start moving walls / doorways and stripping back the décor. Knowing this could throw up issues we planned extra time for this part of the transformation.

We found interesting brown and yellow 70’s style wallpaper and the hearth of an old chimney!

Room number 17


Colour scheme

With any room make-over the colour scheme is important and we rely on Lisa’s skill in choosing colours and palettes that are classic – yet modern. We took inspiration from Farrow-and-Ball and ended up with a fresh green / mustard yellow and light grey (Elephant’s breath) combination.

The dragonfly motif was discovered by chance, and we think it provides interest and vibrancy to the suite.

Room number 17 suite


The bathroom

Back in 2000 when Chris and Lisa first took over the business some of the bedrooms did not have en-suite facilities, and so during the renovations this was a priority. 18 years later and people’s expectations and requirements have moved on from being functional to needing to have the WOW factor.

The bathrooms for both original rooms were combined to create one large space which could comfortably have a free-standing bath and a magnificent walk-in shower. Large modern stone-like tiles were added which creates an illusion of an even bigger space.

Room 17 bathroom


The finishing touches

The suite was completed in April ready for our first guests to enjoy its use. However, Lisa still had some finishing touches that she wanted to add. Since being back in use this has included a chest of drawers, a bed throw and some more cushions. One further addition will be artwork in the lounge area of the suite, but its proving difficult to find something that we like – and so it will be added once the correct item is found.

The planning of this renovation took around 6 months, and another 6 months to put into action. We believe its better to take our time when doing these bigger projects as its important to get them right.

We all hope that you enjoy the time and care that was taken to create our latest suite.

We cannot now see how it was ever two rooms!

Suite lounge in room 17

Room number 17


Making a booking

Room bookings can be made by either clicking on BOOK A ROOM at the top of the website or contacting us on 01570 422910.

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