Wedding dining with a difference

Are you trying to avoid the same dining experience that you get from most weddings you’ve been to, and are looking to do something a little bit different? There are alternatives available, whether it be a more casual dining experience or go all out with extra courses and a refined menu.

Whatever you choose it is important to express your personality as a couple and include your favourite food. Don’t get too worried as to whether everyone else would like the food, since it’s your day. Your guests will be more than happy to go along with your choices.

Wedding room layout


There are many markets and food festivals around that have now popularised “street food”. Many different stalls specialising in one specific food product, i.e. pizzas, panini’s, burgers, sushi etc. etc. Should you be booking your wedding in a location such as The Falcondale, you could emulate this by having food stations. Rather than a traditional buffet table, food stations would be in various locations and offer a specific type of food or dish. Here are a few ideas: –

  • Cheese and biscuits. This could be represented with a tower of different cheeses, decorated with apples, celery and grapes. Various crackers, oatcakes and water biscuits could be arranged in baskets with butter scrolls, honey and olives available as accompaniments.
  • Burger bar. Provide quality homemade burgers with the best quality extras. Guests can add whatever they would like to make their own unique burger. Include beef tomatoes, local cheese, crisp lettuce, streaky Welsh bacon, gherkins and caramelised red onions. Of course, you would need the ultimate sauces, so why not try mushroom ketchup or scotch bonnet chilli jam.
  • Croque-en-bouche. Having made recent fame in the Great British Bake Off the croque-en-bouche is a stack of profiteroles filled with crème patissiere and drizzled with caramel. Imagine having 5 of these stacked on a table with jugs of warm chocolate sauce and pouring cream for guests to help themselves.
  • Pimp your cupcake. An effective way to keep any children at your party entertained and fed at the same time. Provide plain cupcakes with the various hundreds & thousands, chocolate strands, silver balls and buttercream icing that you can find topped with miniature bride and grooms.

Pimp your Prosecco


An afternoon tea with vintage crockery and cake stands set out on crisp white linen on a warm summer’s day. What could be more than British?

Should you be replacing your main wedding breakfast with an afternoon tea you would need to provide more sandwiches and savoury options for hungry guests. Our experience shows that its best to serve the sandwiches first and then follow these with the cakes.

As an alternative to alcoholic arrival drinks, or alongside, tea and coffee could be served within vintage crockery.

Vintage wedding tea


Pimp your Prosecco – this is not a new fad but can be quite effective in adding a little pizzazz to your day. Your guests will be provided with a glass of bubbly which they can add to from a selection of options. This could include elderflower cordial, strawberries, citrus fruits, rose blush etc. etc.

A barrow of beers – An old wheelbarrow from your shed could be dusted off and filled with ice before placing your chosen beers in there to keep cool. Attach a bottle opened to the barrow handles and let guests help themselves. Simple yet effective.



Be aware that the “alternative” does not mean it will be cheaper, in fact its likely to be more expensive. This is because the venue may need to hire specialist equipment, more staff members may be required to undertake your request, or possibly there could be a minimum spend put in place. You may need to ask these questions before booking anywhere.

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Our aim has been to offer suggestions that could be applied to The Falcondale hotel & restaurant, a four-star country house hotel located just outside Lampeter in Mid Wales.

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